Rules and Regulations



The following Rules and Regulations have been established for the maintenance and betterment of Willow Wild Cemetery.  The Willow Wild Cemetery Association reserves the right to revise or amend any or all of these items at any time.  Any questions will be resolved through direct contact with the Association or their designated agent.






1.  This cemetery is set apart for the interment of human corpses and cremated remains.


2.  In each case of burial, an interment order containing the name, place of birth, mailing address, age and next of kin of the person to be interred must be filled out by the Service Manager and signed by the next of kin or designated person so an accurate cemetery registry may be maintained.


3.  All graves over four feet long shall be not less than six feet deep.


4.  No disinterment will be allowed in any lot without a written order submitted to the cemetery by the owner or heir.  Lot owners shall not allow interments to be made in their lots for remuneration, nor shall any transfer, or any assignment of any lot, or of any interest therein be valid without the written consent of the Association, to be endorsed on the transfer or assignment.  Deed transfers will be processed at a cost of $50.00.  Price subject to change.


5.  There will be no interments in walkways.






1.  All interments will be subject to the following charges, which in all cases, shall be paid to the Service Manager prior to the interment:


 Opening and closing of graves over four feet long:  $950.00

 Opening and closing of graves four feet long or cremations:  $400.00

 Opening and closing of graves for cremations with no set up:  $250.00

 Opening and closing of graves of infants under one year of age:  No Charge


Prices are subject to change.






1.  Lots may be purchased for a sum of $500 or $550 per grave lot.  Prices subject to change.


2.  Lots may be paid in full at time of purchase.  A deed number will be issued at that time and mailed to client.


3.  A person interested in purchasing a lot(s) may have it put on hold for a period not exceeding 60 days.  At the end of that period, the lot must be paid for in full and a deed issued, or a Purchase Agreement must be signed allowing a payment plan, for an agreed upon period, until paid in full.  Upon receipt of the final payment, a deed will be issued.


4.  Lot purchases must be paid in full before time of burial.


5. The purchase of the lot does not convey real estate ownership.  Lot ownership conveys the right of the party to use the lot for internment in accordance with cemetery policies for such activity.






1.   All curbing of lots and /or foundations for monuments must be procured through the Service Manager. A form requesting the curbing must be submitted to the Service Manager which will include method of payment. The Service Manager will forward the form to the curbing contractor. The lot owner will be notified as to the date the contractor will be available to install the curbing or foundation. The owner is free to observe the installation. The lot owner must complete an approval form upon completion of the installation.


2.   The cemetery is not liable for curbing installation or stone setting. The Service Manager will provide contact information for the contractor to the lot owner. The lot owner must resolve any concerns directly with the contractor.


3.   All workmen employed in the construction of vaults, enclosing of lots, erection of monuments, etc. must be subject to the control and direction of the Association or its designee.  Any workman failing to conform to this regulation will not be permitted afterward to work on the grounds.  All workmen must show evidence of being fully insured before being allowed to work on the cemetery grounds.  Willow Wild Cemetery Association must  be listed as an insured entity on said insurance policy.


4.  The cemetery is not liable for monuments that have been damaged or have fallen over due to

     vandalism or natural causes.  Lot owners or persons designated by family are responsible for having them restored








All lot owners are ultimately responsible for the mowing and general maintenance of their lots.  The Association will provide general cemetery maintenance to the extent that funds allow which may include lot mowing.


2.   No enclosure, consisting of a wall or fence around any lot, shall be erected, except by prior written special permission of the Association.   Such approved enclosure shall not exceed 18 inches in height.


3.  The Association reserves the right to enter any lot and remove any item or enclosure they determine to be injurious to the immediate locality or prejudicial to the general good appearance of the cemetery as a whole. The Association may remove or prune any trees, shrubs, or other plantings which may obstruct or mar the beauty and effect of the cemetery or may otherwise prove injurious, unsightly, or detrimental.


4.   The lot owners may cultivate flowers, shrubs and plants within their lots, however, no tree planting within the lot or border shall be allowed.  Neither shall any existing trees be cut down or removed without the prior consent of the Association.  Neither litter nor trash shall be left on the lots or thrown in the roads.


5.   With prior approval, trees may be planted along roadways as long as they are in line with other trees planted there.


6.   All earth or rubbish accumulated by owners of lots or their workmen must be carefully removed as soon as possible and deposited where the Association may direct.


7.   Care and maintenance of any planting shall be the responsibility of the lot owner or designee. The Association assumes no responsibility or liability. Any damage done to the cemetery as a result of the planting will be the responsibility of the owner. The Association reserves the right to charge the lot owner for any necessary repair resulting from planting.


8.  The cemetery is under no obligation to provide water or watering equipment.






1.  Cemetery is open from dawn until dusk.


2.   Obey all posted signs.


3.   Do not block roadways.


4.   No alcoholic beverages will be allowed within the grounds.


5.  All dogs or other animals must be on a leash at all times and under the control of a responsible person.

6.   All persons are prohibited from picking any flowers, either wild or cultivated, or breaking any tree, shrub or plant.


7.   All persons are prohibited from writing upon, defacing, or injuring any monument, fence, or other structure in or belonging to the cemetery.


8.  Visitors are reminded that these grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the deceased, and that a strict observance of the decorum due to such a place will be required by all.  The Association or its agent has the authority to remove anyone from the premises for cause.