driving directions:

the cemetery is on the western edge of Bonham, where 1220 West 7th Street crosses State Highway121, which is  just north of the intersection

of  Highway 121 and Highway 56.

(Also known as W. Sam Rayburn Drive.)

1220 West Seventh Street, Bonham, Texas | 903-583-3437

To locate a burial site at Willow Wild,

simply click on the red link below:

The TXFannin GenWeb Project

There you will find a complete, alphabetized  listing of the almost 10,000 burials at Willow Wild, each coded to an easy-to-read map, along with other crucial genealogical and historical information.

We are deeply grateful to the Fannin County TxFannin GenWeb organization for graciously allowing us to link to this invaluable resource.*



For more information, please call 903-583-3437 or email info@willowwild.org.

*Please note that by clicking the link to the TxFannin GenWeb you are leaving the Willow Wild Cemetery Association website, and we are not able to assist you in updating the TxGenWeb site or revising any incorrect information you may find there. For any questions or concerns about the TxFannin GenWeb Willow Wild page or to update and make corrections, please email Carolyn Moore Lawrence at cmlawrence23@hotmail.com